The modification of off-road vehicles

The modification of off-road vehicles

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Modifications of off-road vehicles

About the modification of the chassis in general

It is no simple task to modify a car to ensure that it gains certain positive qualities in the terrain whilst retaining its sturdiness on the road. You have to take a whole host of circumstances into account before you can even start making any modifications to the chassis, all depending on the type of vehicle (gear stress, steering, etc.). By using the experience garnered on expeditions and OFF-ROAD races, we are able to find a suitable compromise between “road and terrain” and modify your vehicle is such a way that it takes on the optimum properties for the conditions in question.

Lifting the chassis with the use of original Iron Man sets

Iron Man chassis sets are clearly the best product of their type on the market at the present time. In comparison with the legendary Old Man Emu chassis, Iron Man not only offers better quality and price, but also a wider range of goods and customer service.
It goes without saying that everything in the modification process depends on the model and condition of the vehicle and on other requirements. It is also a good idea to remember the stability of the vehicle and broaden the tread. If you are interested in an approximate price in terms of modifying the chassis of your vehicle, why not write to us for a provisional quote. Naturally we need to have a look at the vehicle before making any modifications to be able to consider our options and the extent of modification, all to make sure we achieve the right results.

You can arrange a date for the provisional examination of your vehicle by telephone (call +420 602 216 876).

Lifting the chassis using domestic replacements

is an economical method that offers similar results
to the use of Iron Man.
Your vehicle will gain excellent driving qualities,
with a fantastic quality-to-price ratio.
This sort of modification will cost
something in the region of 20 000 CZK
and includes the slight broadening of the car.

Body lift

In contrast to lifting the chassis, this principally involves a modification of design. Only the overhang angles are improved in terms of driving qualities. Body lift – raising the car body by approximately 4 cm can cost around 10 000 CZK, including the necessary modifications to gear control.

Widening the tread

In addition to the “massive” look, your car will take on new-found stability. This modification is often carried out at the same time as lifting the chassis. This sort of modification will allow you to overcome more difficult terrain without the danger of rolling.
Widening the tread (by up to 6 cm) will cost:

  • 13 000 CZK with the use of original OME sets;
  • 8 000 CZK with the use of domestic replacements.

Other modifications

Rear bumper

The hollow pocket at the back of the rear axle is cut away and replaced with a steel bumper that covers the entire rear of the vehicle from the back and from below.

Rear bumper

Rear bumper

Chassis cover

An example of how to cover the chassis against mud and coarse impurities.

Chassis cover

Chassis cover

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